William Grabe
1994 Annual Review of Applied Linguistics  
This volume of the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics returns to a topic first covered in Volume Two (1982). In the time-span between thematic volumes on Language Policy and Planning (LPP), major changes have evolved in the field and recent world events have led practitioners to rethink many issues and concerns related to language policy and planning. In the early 1980s, many LPP discussions centered around various national case studies of language policy and planning; indeed, the stress on
more » ... licy, as separate from planning, was not often emphasized. The focus on non-national level planning was also not as common as the national-level focus. In a number of ways, earlier views of LPP were remarkably simple and neat. National level case studies of LPP provided the typical context for discussion. The procedure for "doing" language planning involved survey sampling. Policy questions centered primarily on "status" planning. "Corpus" planning was more commonly associated with problems of implementation. LPP could potentially be modelled in terms of quantitative cost-benefit approaches. Issues of language maintenance, revival, spread, shift, choice, and death were treated, for the most part, descriptively. Above all, LPP was often regarded as an activity relatively separate from the social and political contexts in which it operated. It is true that there were many articles that presented more complex and ambiguous views of the field, and certainly the leading practitioners were well aware of the complexities and vagaries of LPP. Perhaps earlier discussions reflected the first cataloging of information and resources of a relatively new field of inquiry, and thus the first concerns were to establish systematic rules and principles for the field as a whole. The view of LPP in the 1990s is considerably different. The issues that are now the central focus of discussions are much more specific, yet descriptions vn available at https://doi.
doi:10.1017/s0267190500002774 fatcat:zo2hflfpofax7prdjrlqzdvab4