System Level Component Modeling of Aircraft Electrical System Using VHDL-AMS

Xiao Li, Sameer Kher, Shimeng Huang, Vel Ambalavanar, Yang Hu
The electric powered aircraft's secondary system has advantages of cost and efficiency when compared to the conventional aircraft power system. However, the advantages come at the cost of increased design and analysis complexity. This paper presents a VHDL-AMS based, system-level and behavioral aircraft electrical library developed in ANSYS Simplorer. The library is intended to provide a convenient way for designers to prototype and analyze the electric power distribution systems. The library
more » ... mponents are developed as generic components, which can easily be reused and have the ability to be modified (with experimental data) to fit specific applications. Various subsystems of the aircraft electrical system are discussed in combination with the multi-level components provided by the library. Finally, a simplified aircraft electric power generation and distribution system with multiple control loops is discussed to demonstrate the usage of the library.