The Artist and the Audience: An Interdisciplinary Study of Composer-Audience Relationships in Musical Communication [thesis]

Esther Wheaton
This thesis seeks to explore the possibility of identifying ideas about audience common to Western art music and Communications studies in order to establish an interdisciplinary method of musical study based on human relationships. This study focuses on the role and empowerment of the audience in terms of their relationship with the artist, and explored alongside changing ideas about the audience in Communications through the twentieth century. The audience relationships of three prominent
more » ... three prominent composers whose art may be considered to have expressed their distinct attitudes about audience -Arnold Schoenberg, John Cage, and Laurie Anderson -are explored in order to demonstrate how Communications theory can provide an interpretive framework for the extended study and understanding of music. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, thanks to Paul Théberge for his direction and vast reserves of knowledge; both contributed immensely to this thesis. Thanks go to Paul especially for his patience, and non-judgement of my particular work habits. Thanks also to my professors over the course of my degree: Jim Deaville, Anna Hoefnagels, Will Echard, Geraldine Finn, and James Wright, and the professors I worked with as Teaching Assistant: John Higney, and Alyssa Woods. My papers for each of their courses play a large role in this thesis, and their encouragement and critiques were invaluable. Thank you, finally, to the members of the committee for their time and effort in reviewing this paper, and their feedback, which can only improve it.
doi:10.22215/etd/2014-10328 fatcat:5pf7tgmp6bdtrlxsllrf36n7fq