Neoplastic Disease at Various Sites: Volume III, Cancer of the Rectum

1961 Postgraduate medical journal  
last part records the E.S.R. levels to be expected in a variety of diseases. It is clearly a work for specialists in rheumatic and other fields where the E.S.R. may be a valuable means of assessing progress or relapse, since it provides a proper understanding of a test often used in highly empirical fashion. The Preparation of Medical Literature LOUISE M. CROSS, M.A. With a chapter on charts and graphs by SHIRLEY BATY. Pp. xvi + 45I, illustrated. London: Pitman Medical Publishing Co. I960. 8os.
more » ... This book deals very clearly and fully with the techniques of writing medical literature in book and journal form. It is divided into seven sections. The first deals with the planning of a paper or book and in this connection the author gathered information from questionnaires sent to the editors of leading American journals asking their reasons for accepting and rejecting papers submitted to them. Prospective authors-take note! This section is followed by one on gathering material for the paper or book and contains useful hints on collecting references, writing and arranging reference lists and bibliographies and on abstracting. The third section deals with the actual writing of the paper and the fourth and fifth sections with style and styling. These last two sections are particularly useful, dealing as they do with the writing of good, clear English (style) and with problems such as when to use capitals, use of abbreviations and symbols, use of numbers and punctuation (styling). Styling will, of course, depend to a certain extent on the editorial policy of the publisher concerned, but general principles are usefully laid down. The section on illustration explains techniques of preparing tables, charts and graphs, photographs, line drawings and colour illustrations and explains how blocks are made. This section should be very useful to the author, as it shows clearly how to prepare an illustration so that the best result will be obtained and stresses the importance of preliminary consultation with the publisher. The last section deals with the editing of manuscripts by author and editor, with proof reading and with the preparation of indexes and revision for new editions. This book was written for American readers, but there are only a few differences between American practice and that in this country. These are mainly concerned with copyright laws, differences in proof readers' marks and in abbreviations, and these are noted, together with a list of additional reference sources and books on printing techniques available to British readers, in a special section. This book should be of equal value to both authors and their secretaries and to the editorial staff of publishers and is strongly recommended, not only for the completeness with which it covers its subject, but also for the clarity of its writing and the ease with which any point can be referred to-it is in itself a first-class example of how to write a work of reference. + 304, illustrated. London: Longmans Green. I96I. 50s. This book gives a comprehensive account of present knowledge of synovial joints. It is divided into four sections which separately cover the anatomy, the biology, the mechanics and the functions of joints. Each section can be read and understood separately. Although much information is compressed into quite a small book, it is well put together and easy to read. The illustrations are adequate and the numerous references are of value. Apart from pointing out many gaps in our knowledge, the authors do not hesitate to theorize on occasions; of particular interest are their views on the possible function of the ligamentum teres of the hip. Pathological processes are only briefly mentioned. This book can be safely recommended to all orthopaedic surgeons: they will learn much from it and understand better the effect of disease, trauma and the surgeon's ni:fe on synovial jonrts.
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