Raimundus Bulet Namang
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Dinamika Sosial  
In this article, the author examines Aristotle's thoughts about the State and Citizens. The author examines Aristotle's thoughts in his book La Politica. The main problem to be examined by the author is how the State and Citizens are good according to Aristotle and how the relationship of Citizens with the State in the Constitution. In the State there are important elements, namely elements of identity, participation, rights, obligations, and acceptance of shared social values. According to
more » ... totle, citizens took part in the life of the State. Being a good citizen is how good citizens are involved in the country. For Aristotle, the best country is a combination of Aristocracy and Democracy. Aristotle took the middle ground in his view of a good state. Of course a good country needs good citizens too. The relationship between humans as citizens is inseparable from the State. The state makes a constitution to regulate its citizens. The constitution is very important in a country as long as the constitution in question brings justice and happiness which is the highest goal of society
doi:10.38043/jids.v4i2.2449 fatcat:q2xgv4dcnra53brwmz7iglyzbi