A Constituent Codes Oriented Code Construction Scheme for Polar Code-Aim to Reduce the Decoding Latency [article]

Tiben Che, Gwan Choi
2017 arXiv   pre-print
This paper proposes a polar code construction scheme that reduces constituent-code supplemented decoding latency. Constituent codes are the sub-codewords with specific patterns. They are used to accelerate the successive cancellation decoding process of polar code without any performance degradation. We modify the traditional construction approach to yield increased number of desirable constituent codes that speeds the decoding process. For (n,k) polar code, instead of directly setting the k
more » ... t and (n-k) worst bits to the information bits and frozen bits, respectively, we swap the locations of some information and frozen bits carefully according to the qualities of their equivalent channels. We conducted the simulation of 1024 and 2048 bits length polar codes with multiple rates and analyzed the decoding latency for various length codes. The numerical results show that the proposed construction scheme generally is able to achieve at least around 20% latency deduction with an negligible loss in gain with carefully selected optimization threshold.
arXiv:1612.02545v3 fatcat:naehoin22beb3mgqhatpuaqq5i