Modern Biotechnology Tools: A new paradigm for insect research field

Moussa M.
2012 Egyptian Academic Journal of Biological Sciences  
Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that includes the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in agriculture, engineering, medicine and many other fields demand novel bioproducts. The development of DNA-based techniques, generally known as biotechnology. In early of 1990 and in agriculture field, biotechnology is obviously fitting the broad definition of "using a biotechnological system to make newly and novel products. The genetic modified plant is one of the most renowned examples in
more » ... agriculture field which created by transferring a desirable gene in plant genomic in order to produce desirable protein (s) that governors specific function in the plant system. For decades, scientists have used traditional breeding to improve the production and crop quality in order to use them for food consumption. In this type of breeding, organisms with desirable traits are mated to produce individuals carry the same traits. Many other applications of biotechnology have been reported in various fields viz, organisms and organism by-products that used to fertilize and restore nitrogen in soil. In insect research field, the biotechnological tools have been applied to study various issues such insect identification, insect control and insect genetic relationships. Bt Cry1Ac modified cotton plant (Bollgard I) was the primary example to control American bollworm; Helicoverpa armigera pest. Thus, exploiting such technology in the field of Entomology could help scientists in understanding various physiological mechanisms occurred in insect.
doi:10.21608/eajbsa.2012.14289 fatcat:jgimwwsg7fgz3g5ujo2pifj5au