Svetlana Vladimirovna Klymenko, Yulia Aleksandrovna Ukolova, Alexey Denisovich Klymenko
2019 Journal of Rocket-Space Technology  
The article analyzes the current state of development of information technologies of psychometric state of the person, features of definition of mental states of the person and methods of observation of changes of the state of the person. The analysis of information technologies of decision support in monitoring tasks concerning the state of the person is carried out. Eysenck computer test information technology has been developed. The results of the tests tested using Eysenck's computer
more » ... etric testing were conducted. According to the test results, algorithms for secondary processing of test results were developed during testing several times and during the process of monitoring the subjects. Based on the results of the study, information technology for decision support in personality monitoring tasks was developed based on the Eysenck computer version of the test. According to the results of the study it is determined that it is necessary to use different approaches to be processing the test results, which will confirm the sincerity of the subject. Therefore, the article discusses several criteria for determining the quality of test results and their sincerity. It has been determined that computer-based psychometric monitoring is aimed at objectively assessing changes in mental state based on the results of retesting. The research in the tasks of monitoring the mental state of a person is to apply the processing of statistical psychometric measurements (initial processing of test results), quantitative assessment of changes in psychometric parameters and identify their trends in long-term observation. Data from such measurements indirectly contain information about changes in the mental state of the subject.
doi:10.15421/451917 fatcat:6n3ln4tfhjeyvl7dcvgg7iv4le