Power-Thermal Modeling and Control of Energy-Efficient Servers and Datacenters [chapter]

Jungsoo Kim, Mohamed M. Sabry, Martino Ruggiero, David Atienza
2015 Handbook on Data Centers  
This continuous growth in demand for computing has resulted in larger collections of servers machines, referred to as clusters or server farms, being hosted in denser datacenters thus having a higher computational and storage capability per occupied unit volume. While projections indicate a continued scaling of server density and manufacturing cost for another decade, the semiconductor manufacturing industry has already renounced following Dennard scaling 1 and almost reached the physical
more » ... of voltage scaling in Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) technologies, which results in an energy-scalability wall that makes transistor power J. Kim was also affiliated with ESL-EPFL during the period this research was developed. 1 The scaling theory he and his colleagues formulated in 1974 postulated that MOSFETs continue to function as voltage-controlled switches while all key figures of merit (such as layout density, operating speed, and energy efficiency improve provided geometric dimensions, voltages, and doping concentrations) are consistently scaled to maintain the same electric field. This property underlies the achievement of Moore's Law and the evolution of microelectronics over the last few decades. J. Kim ( )
doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-2092-1_29 fatcat:ksswhsbiqzhbbgfqgmd4bmohk4