Accounting Information System Courses: Developing a Hybrid Syllabus in the Era of Digitization

Faten F. Kharbat, College of Engineering, Al Ain University. Abu Dhabi, Riham Muqattash, College of Engineering, Al Ain University. Abu Dhabi
2020 The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research  
Technology is becoming a major pillar in many professions. It plays a critical role in developing and enhancing the quality and accuracy of tasks. Because the formal education system is the first place where future employees are educated, it is very important to ensure that educational institutions offer continuously updated technology-related courses that cover a wide range of new and emerging topics. This research has two objectives. First, it explores the validity of the claim that AIS
more » ... ion is of low quality in the Middle East, as stated in some studies. This is conducted through highlighting the status quo for AIS courses in Arab countries within the Middle East by focusing on a representative case study. This part of the work was conducted through a thorough exploration of the universities' websites and by distributing and analyzing a survey for faculty members in a number of universities. Second, the research performs a deep analysis to develop new, up-to-date, aligned objectives, contents, resources, and assignments in order to create a new, comprehensive syllabus in the higher-education sector that will serve stakeholders from universities to accounting communities. The output of this research identified suitable learning objectives based on current literature and faculty responses. This was followed by designing new course content and assessment tools that are aligned with learner- and competency-centered approaches.
doi:10.4192/1577-8517-v20_6 fatcat:mstn5b2lovf3xaecddnxy4xmay