Assessment of the Morphological Pattern of the Lebanon Cedar under Changing Climate: The Mediterranean Case

Ali Uğur Özcan, Javier Velázquez, Víctor Rincón, Derya Gülçin, Kerim Çiçek
2022 Land  
The effects of climate change on species can influence the delicate balance in ecosystems. For this reason, conservation planning needs to take account of connectivity and the related ecological processes within the framework of climate change. In this study, we focus on the change in the ecological connectivity of the Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani A. Rich.), which is widely distributed in the Mediterranean, particularly in the Amanus and Taurus Mountains. To this end, we evaluated the changes
more » ... spatial units providing connectivity in the potential and future distributions of the species through ecological niche modelling, morphological spatial pattern analysis, and landscape metrics. The results suggest that the species is moving to the northeast. According to the future projections, we predict that the potential habitat suitability of the species will shrink significantly and that, in the case of pessimistic scenarios, the extent of the suitable habitats will decrease, particularly in the western and central Taurus Mountain chains. A comparison of potential and future cores indicates that there will be a slight increase under the RCP 4.5 2050 scenario, whereas core areas will decrease in the RCP 4.5 2070, RCP 8.5 2050, and RCP 8.5 2070 scenarios. In addition, it is predicted that bridges would increase in the RCP 4.5 2070 and RCP 8.5 2050 scenarios but decrease in other scenarios.
doi:10.3390/land11060802 fatcat:vyf7nqei65ckdcl34jth2kwq54