New Method for Designing Shock-Free Transonic Configurations

H. Sobieczky, N. J. Yu, K-Y. Fung, A. R. Seebass
1979 AIAA Journal  
A new method for he design of shock-free sup ercritical. airfoils , wings , and three-d imensiona l. configurations is described . Results illustrating this procedur e in two and three dimensions are given . They include modifications to part of the upper surfac e of an MA.CA 64A410 airfoil that will, maintain shock-free flow over a range of Itach uu bers for a fixed lif t coefficient , and the modif ica tions required on par t of the • upper surface of a swept wing with an MACA 64L410 root
more » ... ion to achieve shock-free flow. Whil e the results ar . given for invisci4 flow , the same procedures can be ploy.d iteratively with a bounii.vy layer calcu.lar.ion in order to achieve shock-free viscous designs . With a shock-free pressur e • field the boundary layer calculation will be reli able and not co ~plicat .d by the difficulties of shock-wave boundary-layer interaction. i h *visj ting Professor; Research Scientis t , DTVLR , G3t tingsn, Germany . M ~~ber , AIAA. • **S5flj or Research Associate; now Research Scientist, the Boeing Co erciai. ; ~~on a Airplane Company, Sea ttle, Washington . M ~~ber AIAA . a ~Senior Research Associate. Men ber A IAA. • -' 4Pro fessor , Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics .
doi:10.2514/3.61209 fatcat:ugswblthybhsblf5nxjitxhdga