Physical and chemical characterization of hydrolyzed Napier grass waste for biomass pellets

Duangkanok Tanangteerapong
Utilizing agricultural waste for energy and to conserve the environment has been an active research area recently. In this study, Napier grass waste resulting from its hydrolysis with acids was pelletized and its use was studied as a biomass fuel. An investigation of its physical characteristics, including pellet dimensions and weight, was performed at a laboratory scale. Flatfaced pellets were obtained with enhanced stability necessary for transportation. Chemical characterization of the
more » ... zation of the hydrolyzed waste included determination of its nitrogen, chloride and sulfur content. These values were marginal. After pelletization, experimental determination of its heating values, moisture content and density was examined. It was found that these values exceeded the European standard for biomass pellets. The average of heating value of pelletized biomass was greater than 3500 cal/g. Therefore, a binding material was not necessary. Overall, the investigation revealed that the pellets produced from hydrolyzed Napier grass waste could potentially be exploited as an alternative energy source after some residual chemicals were removed.
doi:10.14456/easr.2017.19 fatcat:rdgyley34jg2ljxw765njysh7i