Samsul Arifin, Ajud Tajudin
Effective education is characterized by the professional educator figure who always increase his competence. Lecturer as educators in colleges and official college is responsible for contributing to the growth of science, intellectual development of students, forming opinion and improving the quality of higher education. In this connection, competence of lecturers will impact the performance or achievements of lecturers, which in turn will contribute to the performance and quality of college
more » ... duates. Character education in college and official college can develop students' talents. Willian B. Michael (Suryabrata, 1991) states that talent as: "An aptitude may be defined as a person's capacity, or hypothetical potential, for acquisitin of a certain more less well defined pattern or behavoir involved in the performance of a task respect to which the individual has llad litter or no previous training." The talent is defined as the ability of an individual to do a task, which is very little or does not depend on the previous exercise. It is also stated that a talent emphasises on condition or a set of properties that are considered as a sign of the ability of an individual to receive a training, or set of responses such as abilities of language, music, and others (Suryabrata, 1991). Official education is an education which is implemented with the aim of preparing and improving the execution of the official duties of employees and prospective employees in an environment of government agencies, either in department or non-Department. This type of education is generally done on a unit of training namely pre-service training, in-sevice trainng, social-service training, also the training that took place outside of the work environment (outbound training), and many others. On the other hand, professional education can be seen as a response to the demands of the public to obtain the services of competent people. The growth and development of the profession is a function of the specific needs, and the professional role will continue to change due to changes in society. A good professional education must be responsive to the demands of change and provide the impetus for change in the field of the profession itself, balancing it by looking forward on the basis of the realities of the present. On that basis, professional education is one form of educations throughout life.