Homology modeling and functional characterization of multidrug effluxor Mta protein from Bacillus Atrophaeus: An explanatory insilico approach [article]

Mohammad Rejaur Rahman, Ishtiak Malique Chowdhury, Anik Banik, Emran Hossain Sajib
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Phenotypically similar to B. subtilis, Bacillus atrophaeus is a Gram-positive, aerobic, spore-forming bacteria. It is a black-pigmented bacterial genus. Therefore, it is of interest to study the uncharacterized proteins in the genome. For a detailed computational sequence-structure-function analysis using available data and resources, an uncharacterized protein Mta (AKL87074.1) in the genome was selected. In this study, attempts were made to study the physicochemical properties, predict
more » ... es, predict secondary structure, modeling the 3-D protein, pocket identification, protein-protein interaction and phylogenetic analysis of Mta protein. The predicted active site using CASTp is analyzed for understanding their multidrug resistance function. Because Mta is a MerR family member, these investigations on these functional aspects could lead us for better understanding of antibiotic resistance phenomenon.
doi:10.1101/2020.12.29.424731 fatcat:bjptqatmqrbirp2vnqsb44efjy