Composition of outer-sphere cations as a tool for electrochemical synthesis of novel niobium compounds

V.V. Grinevitch, A.V. Arakcheeva, S.A. Kuznetsov
2003 Journal of Mining and Metallurgy. Section B: Metallurgy  
The individual alkali-metal cation influence on the chemical and phase composition of electrosynthesis products has been studied in fluoride solvents with different O/Nb ratios. It was shown that the cation nature of molten electrolytes is a powerful tool to control the chemical and phase composition of the cathodic products of electrolysis in oxy-fluoride and fluoride melts. New niobium compounds were obtained by electrochemical synthesis using the outer-sphere cations composition control:
more » ... sition control: tetragonal Nb 6 O, rhombohedral sub-oxide Nb x O (x<6) and composite compounds "NbO"⋅n"MeF" (Me=K, Rb, n=1, 2) .
doi:10.2298/jmmb0302223g fatcat:tx7ddctqnfajxa3oysmc5i4jzu