Diasporic Schizophrenia reflected in the characters of Midnight's Children

2016 International Multidisciplinary Innovative Research Journal-An International refereed e-journal of literary Explorations ISSN: IMIRJ   unpublished
Diasporic writing occupies a place of great significance between countries and cultures. It depicts new identities among characters because of various boundaries and cultures of various countries. It also causes the dislocation and locations of cultures Diasporic writing raises questions regarding the definitions of 'home' and 'nation'.. Diasporic writers live on the margins of two countries and create cultural theories. They turn to their homeland for various reasons. Schizophrenia and
more » ... a are often the preoccupations of these writers as they seek to locate themselves in new cultures. Here, Schizophrenia is used metaphorically to illustrate artistic and national disease and, literally, to depict the material sufferings of the characters. This paper wants to focus on the sufferings of the major characters in the novel Midnight's Children because of their immigration to various places.