Application of Modified NSGA-II to the Transit Network Design Problem

Jie Yang, Yangsheng Jiang
2020 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
The transit network design problem involves determining a certain number of routes to operate in an urban area to balance the costs of the passengers and the operator. In this paper, we simultaneously determine the route structure of each route and the number of routes in the final solution. A novel initial route set generation algorithm and a route set size alternating heuristic are embedded into a nondominated sorting genetic algorithm-II- (NSGA-II-) based solution framework to produce the
more » ... roximate Pareto front. The initial route set generation algorithm aims to generate high-quality initial solutions for succeeding optimization procedures. To explore the solution space and to have solutions with a different number of routes, a route set size alternating heuristic is developed to change the number of routes in a solution by adding or deleting one route. Experiments were performed on Mandl's network and four larger Mumford's networks. Compared with a fixed route set size approach, the proposed NSGA-II-based solution method can produce an approximate Pareto front with much higher solution quality as well as improved computation efficiency.
doi:10.1155/2020/3753601 fatcat:fh52uz72mnbulmtbhbwu3yea4m