Mycoplasmalike organisms (MLOs) and distinguish them from other MLOs

K Nakashima, S Kato, S Iwanami, N Murata
1993 Applied and Environmental Microbiology  
DNA of 10 lines of rice yellow dwarf (RYD) mycoplasmalike organisms (MLOs) from Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand hybridized with four probes containing chromosomal and six probes containing extrachromosomal DNA of a Tochigi (Japan) line of RYD MLO. One chromosomal probe (RYD9) and all six extrachromosomal probes hybridized only with DNA from rice infected with RYD MLOs. Three other chromosomal probes hybridized with various other MLOs (sugarcane white leaf, onion yellows, cineraria
more » ... broom, Japanese hornwort witches'-broom, water dropwort witches'-broom, gentian witches'broom, udo dwarf, tsuwabuki witches'-broom, pelargonium witches'-broom, peach western-X, and pear decline). DNA from the culturable mollicutes Spiroplasma kunkelii, Spiroplasma citri, Mycoplasma hominis, and Mycoplasma orak did not hybridize with RYD MLO probes. The extrachromosomal DNAs hybridizing with the probes showed variations in electrophoretic behavior.
doi:10.1128/aem.59.4.1206-1212.1993 fatcat:u4tabsytwvc27n5hwdnl2fvwby