Can We Teach Computers to Understand Art? Domain Adaptation for Enhancing Deep Networks Capacity to De-Abstract Art [article]

Mihai Badea, Corneliu Florea, Laura Florea, Constantin Vertan
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Humans comprehend a natural scene at a single glance; painters and other visual artists, through their abstract representations, stressed this capacity to the limit. The performance of computer vision solutions matched that of humans in many problems of visual recognition. In this paper we address the problem of recognizing the genre (subject) in digitized paintings using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) as part of the more general dealing with abstract and/or artistic representation of
more » ... s. Initially we establish the state of the art performance by training a CNN from scratch. In the next level of evaluation, we identify aspects that hinder the CNNs' recognition, such as artistic abstraction. Further, we test various domain adaptation methods that could enhance the subject recognition capabilities of the CNNs. The evaluation is performed on a database of 80,000 annotated digitized paintings, which is tentatively extended with artistic photographs, either original or stylized, in order to emulate artistic representations. Surprisingly, the most efficient domain adaptation is not the neural style transfer. Finally, the paper provides an experiment-based assessment of the abstraction level that CNNs are able to achieve.
arXiv:1712.03727v1 fatcat:64iht2a5ubbntkmuvkxfsdjtuy