Eye movements patterns during facial expression recognition in male and female observers [article]

Jahan Gani-Zada, Elizaveta Luniakova
Recognition of facial expression is one of the factors ensuring a person's social competence. is a known that women cope with this task somewhat more successfully than men (McClure, 2000). This may occur because women and men could rely on different mechanisms of face perception, namely females are more successful using feature-based processing and extraction of secondorder relations (the distances among face features) so than males. The question of facial expression recognition mechanisms and
more » ... heir universal or gender-specific character is on the day's agenda. We studied recognition of facial expression in female and male adults using eye-tracking technology.
doi:10.26226/morressier.5cf632c6af72dec2b0554e29 fatcat:iqxjumghuff3ldyij7ejvx7n2u