Properties of an Ideal Gas

Yong Hua Tang
"Properties of an Ideal Gas"FEEG1010 Laboratory Report (Part 1 Formative) 2020The second experiment of FEEG1003 Laboratory Class 2 "Properties of an Ideal Gas" is conducted. In this report, the volumetric ratio of the two cylindrical tanks is to be determined. An air pump, an electric console, two interconnected vessels of distinct volume, and a computer is used. Tank 1 is first pressurised and then allowed the gas to transfer through tank 2 until they achieve a steady mutual pressure. The
more » ... y of ideal gas is utilised in this experiment. The process is isothermal and should obey Boyle's law. The data obtained from the experiment is then analysed to find out the result.TANG YONG HUAMEng in Aeronautics and AstronauticsUniversity of Southampton Malaysia
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.13490478.v2 fatcat:p5m7mezfuver7cd37iirmcvuky