Ultralow threshold and single-mode lasing in microgear lasers and its fusion with quasi-periodic photonic crystals

K. Nozaki, A. Nakagawa, D. Sano, T. Baba
2003 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
The GaInAsP microgear laser is a kind of microdisk laser but has a rotationally symmetric grating, which matches with the profile of the whispering gallery mode. In this study, we achieved the room temperature continuous-wave lasing with a threshold photopump power of 14 W for the smallest gear diameter of 2.02 m. We also observed the single-mode lasing in a deep grating device, where the -phase-shifted nonlasing mode completely disappeared. The experimental results were well explained by a
more » ... e-dimensional finite-difference time-domain calculation and a consideration on the surface recombination. In addition, to increase the variety of the microgear, we proposed its fusion with a quasi-periodic photonic crystal (QPC), which also has a rotational symmetry. We theoretically estimated a sufficiently high of 21 600 for a QPC gear with a point defect of 1.6-m diameter, which is the smallest limit for a normal microdisk at a wavelength of 1.5-1.6 m. Index Terms-GaInAsP/InP, microdisk, microgear, photonic crystal (PC), point defect laser, quasi-periodic photonic crystal (QPC), semiconductor laser, whispering gallery mode (WGM).
doi:10.1109/jstqe.2003.819465 fatcat:lpnbzo637zdi5jsxyxapuqeity