Bioavailability and Metabolic Pathway of Phenolic Compounds [chapter]

Muhammad Bilal Hussain, Sadia Hassan, Marwa Waheed, Ahsan Javed, Muhammad Adil Farooq, Ali Tahir
2019 Plant Physiological Aspects of Phenolic Compounds [Working Title]  
As potential agents for preventing different oxidative stress-related diseases, phenolic compounds have attracted increasing attention with the passage of time. Intake of fruits, vegetables and cereals in higher quantities is linked with decreased chances of chronic diseases. In plant-based foods, phenolic compounds are very abundant. However, bio-accessibility and biotransformation of phenolic compound are not reviewed in these studies; therefore, a detailed action mechanism of phenolic
more » ... ds is not recognized. In this article, inclusive concept of different factors affecting the bioavailability of phenolic compounds and their metabolic processes is presented through which phenolic compounds go after ingestion.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.84745 fatcat:ilsvmrxzzngh5fd6tmfigxmbb4