Hierarchical Compressed Sensing for Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Vishal Krishna, Manish Kumar
2016 International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications  
Data transmission consumes significant amount of energy in large scale wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In such an environment, reducing the in-network communication and distributing the load evenly over the network can reduce the overall energy consumption and maximize the network lifetime significantly. In this work, the aforementioned problem of network lifetime and uneven energy consumption in large scale wireless sensor networks is addressed. This work proposes a hierarchical compressed
more » ... sing (HCS) scheme to reduce the innetwork communication during the data gathering process. Corelated sensor readings are collected via a hierarchical clustering scheme. A compressed sensing (CS) based data processing scheme is devised to transmit the data from the source to the sink. The proposed HCS is able to identify the optimal position for the application of CS to achieve reduced and similar number of transmissions on all the nodes in the network. An activity map is generated to validate the reduced and uniformly distributed communication load of the WSN. Based on the number of transmissions per data gathering round, the bit-hop metric model is used to analyse the overall energy consumption. Simulation results validate the efficiency of the proposed method over the existing CS based approaches. Keywords-Compressed sensing; in-network communication; network lifetime; traffic load balancing; wireless sensor network I.
doi:10.14569/ijacsa.2016.070208 fatcat:hvablruobvexbfkla62j3l6i64