Analysis on Operational Cost of Modern Tram

Xinmiao Zhao, Quanxin Sun, Lu Liu, Yong Ding, Ruijia Shi
2015 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transportation 2015   unpublished
Operational cost of modern tram consists of the wage, maintenance cost, power consumption cost, management cost and other cost. This paper subdivided the influential factors of traction energy consumption and maintenance cost according to fixed cost and variable cost, and a method is proposed to analyze operational cost. Taking a tramline for example, the sensitivity of passenger volume and the frequency are analyzed. Results show that a double increase of ridership rarely raises annual
more » ... nal cost by 5.1% while sharply reduces operational cost per capita by 47.5%; an additional 100% increase of the frequency raises the operational cost by 22.7% while reduces operational cost per capita by 38.6%. Consequently, this paper recommends increasing the frequency to enhance competitiveness of modern tram in case of large passenger flow volume, and vice versa.
doi:10.2991/iccet-15.2015.289 fatcat:dfu4rc327nclld5j4hgr4ysr7a