Fluorine-18-altanserin: a radioligand for the study of serotonin receptors with PET: radiolabeling and in vivo biologic behavior in rats

C Lemaire, R Cantineau, M Guillaume, A Plenevaux, L Christiaens
1991 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
No-carrier-added [18F]altanserin was synthesized by nucleophilic substitution of the corresponding nitro compound with [18F]fluoride in the presence of kryptofix 222 and K2CO3. After purification by preparative HPLC, [18F]altanserin was produced in less than 2 hr with a radiochemical yield of 10% (EOS) and a specific activity of 0.8-1.3 Ci/mumol. In rats, the tracer localized rapidly in the whole brain (0.5% ID/g organ) with a high binding to the frontal cortex. The frontal cortex/cerebellum
more » ... io increased with time and reached a plateau of 11 at 2 hr postinjection. This uptake in S2 receptor regions was saturable and could be blocked by pretreatment with various S2 antagonists. This radiopharmaceutical appears to be more selective for S2 receptor sites than other ligands available today and allows the study of S2 receptors under in vivo conditions.
pmid:1744713 fatcat:klgrojndjbhwpjhgteu26umooi