Evaluation of a New Enzyme Immunoassay (TESTPACK ROTAVIRUS^|^reg;) for Diagnosis of Viral Gastroenteritis
ウイルス性胃腸炎の診断のための新しい酵素抗体法 (テストパツク・ロタウイルス®) の評価

Hitoshi HONMA, Hiroshi USHIJIMA, Michio TAKAGI, Takashi KITAMURA
1990 Kansenshogaku zasshi  
TESTPACK ROTAVIRUS(R), a simple 10 min enzyme immunoassay, was compared with reversed passive hemagglutination assay (RPHA) and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of virus RNA (RNA-PAGE) for the detection of rotaviral antigens in feces from 104 diarrheal children. The reults of TESTPACK ROTAVIRUS(R) were identical with those of RNA-PAGE. Discordant results of RPHA were further examined by latex agglutination and electron microscopy, and were finally decided to be negative. Pararotaviruses,
more » ... viruses and small round viruses were negative in the TESTPACK ROTAVIRUS(R) .
doi:10.11150/kansenshogakuzasshi1970.64.174 pmid:2159966 fatcat:3kkucpg7azbhrhb3yskv6p3dem