Quantification of ammonia binding sites in Davison (Type 3A) zeolite desiccant : a solid-state Nitrogen-15 MAS NMR spectroscopy investigation [report]

Todd Michael Alam, Gregory P. Holland, Brian Ray Cherry
2004 unpublished
The quantitative analysis of ammonia binding sites in the Davison (Type 3A) zeolite desiccant using solid-state 15 N MAS NMR spectroscopy is reported. By utilizing 15 Nenriched ammonia ( 15 NH 3 ) gas, the different adsorption/binding sites within the zeolite were investigated as a function of NH 3 loading. Using 15 N MAS NMR multiple sites were resolved that have distinct cross-polarization dynamics and chemical shift behavior. These differences in the 15 N NMR were used to characterize the
more » ... orption environments in both the pure 3A zeolite and the silicone-molded forms of the desiccant.
doi:10.2172/918356 fatcat:vmtseftktnhqhkzdwk3jmy75sy