Batch learning in domains with hidden changes in context [thesis]

Michael. Harries
Concept drift due to hidden changes in context complicates learning in many domains including financial prediction, medical diagnosis, and communication network performance. Existing machine learning approaches to this problem use an incremental learning, on-line paradigm. Batch, off-line learners tend to be ineffective in domains with hidden changes in context as they assume that the training set is homogeneous. An off-line, meta-learning approach for the identification of hidden context is
more » ... sented. The new approach uses an existing batch learner and the process of contextual clustering to identify stable hidden contexts and the associated context specific, locally stable concepts. The approach is broadly applicable to the extraction of context reflected in time and spatial attributes. Several algorithms for the approach are presented and evaluated. A variety of methods are introduced for the evaluation and application of the contexts found. Domains for evaluation include an artificial domain, drawn from the literature, a behavioural cloning task, and a real world electricity pricing dataset.
doi:10.26190/unsworks/8589 fatcat:f25hqqlrgvftjnqiy6lsa7o6je