Fundamental Blast Studies [report]

Louis Giglio-Tos
1972 unpublished
21005 6 REPORT CATE I 12 SPONSORING MILITARY ACTIVITY , """r"DOD/DNA IS ABSTRACT Free-field airblast parameters were measured from the detonation of a spherical 500-ton TNT charge. The charge was placed on the ground such that its height of burst would be one radius above the earth's surface. Measured values of shock-wave arrival time, maximum overpressure, positive phase durat-Ž 0 a, overpressure impulse, dynamic pressure, and dynamic pressure impulses are presented as functions of ground
more » ... and are compared with predictions generated from scaled empirical and theoretical data. Results are compared with those from PRAIRIE FLAT.
doi:10.21236/ad0753805 fatcat:epzx2kqx4ngdfewfei3u7hjey4