Exchanging Poems between Kim Yun-sik and Japanese Scholar-officials
金允植(号:雲養)と日本人官僚・文人学者の 詩文唱和について

Johann NOH
2020 Ritsumeikan Annual Review of Asia-Japan Research  
as an ambassador to prince Yeongchin (Lee Eun 李垠, 1897-1970)in 1908. On July 29th, he attended a banquet held at Suematsu Kencho's(末松謙澄, 1855-1920)Shiba Shiroyama Hall(芝城山館)to exchange poems with eminent Japanese figures. In the middle of August, he exchanged poems with Suematsu Kencho and Mori Kainan(森槐南, 1863-1911)while travelling in the Nikko(日光)and Myogi mountain(妙義山)areas. These poems were compiled as Shibasankan noryo showashu( 『芝城山館納涼唱和集』 )and Keimyo showashu( 『輕妙唱和集』 )and published in
more » ... e volume by Shueisha(秀英舎) . Kim Yun-sik also compiled a collection of poems of that time and named it Tongsa manum ( 『東槎謾吟』 ) . Among his poems exchanged with the Japanese figures, there are many poems that have a strong tendency so-called "pro-Japan" that the evaluation of him is on the whole negative. This paper also argues that his poems should be re-evaluated as a sort of diplomatic poetry composed in a place of diplomacy.
doi:10.34389/ritsumeikanasiajapan.0.1_1 fatcat:cfflug7rvfcbzoy2xshgjn3v5u