Formal and Informal in Balanced System Specifications [chapter]

P. Dini, D. Ramazani, G. Bochmann
1995 Balanced Automation Systems  
The paper presents the relation between balanced system specification by a formal or informal documentation. The text is a technical description of experienced variants, rather than pretentious ad vices on this topics. We claim that the advent of the object-oriented approach, combined with a mix, formal and informal documentation, in the context of automation, represents a possible solution for either the easiness of knowledge transfer, the use of advanced tools for the system design, or a
more » ... adaptation from large size enterprises to small ones because of the modularity and reuse. Our report focuses first, on existing techniques, object-oriented methodologies, and second, on lessons learned and retained with respect to the system documentation. Keywords Models, formalism, documentation, object-oriented, design methods, experiences the resources we have, in the context of a continuous evolution of concepts, technologies, and approaches? L. Camarinha-Matos et al. (eds.), Balanced Automation Systems
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-34910-7_32 fatcat:ffgrq23mebeu5lyilpk6vwiw2u