Simulation and Experimental Investigation for the Homogeneity of Ti49.2Ni50.8 Alloy Processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing

Diantao Zhang, Mohamed Osman, Li Li, Yufeng Zheng, Yunxiang Tong
2016 Metals  
Ti 49.2 Ni 50.8 shape memory alloy (SMA) was processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) for eight passes at 450˝C. The deformation homogeneity was analyzed on various planes across the thickness by Deform-3D software. Strain standard deviation (SSD) was used to quantify deformation homogeneity. The simulation result shows that the strain homogeneity is optimized by the third pass. Deformation homogeneity of ECAP was analyzed experimentally using microhardness measurements. Experimental
more » ... esults show that the gradual evolution of hardness with increasing numbers of passes existed and the optimum homogeneity was achieved after three passes. This is in good agreement with simulation results.
doi:10.3390/met6030045 fatcat:b5p4a4qwuzglrns7wpahwiqomi