Synthesis and Investigation of Photoisomerization of Some New Azobenzene Carboxylic Acids

D. Gustina, E. Markava, E. Laizane, I. Muzikante
2011 Latvian Journal of Chemistry  
We have synthesized and investigated a number of new type of the azobenzene derivatives containing alkoxycarboxylic group and N-substituted sulfonamide moiety at the opposite end of the molecule. The influence of the end group substituents on the reversible trans/cis photoisomerization process has been investigated. The photoisomerization process of studied azobenzene derivatives dominates both in chloroform solution and in PMMA polymer host-guest films. The values of the densities are
more » ... e on alternate irradiation at absorbance maxima of trans-(450 nm) and cis-isomers (360 nm). The fastest trans/cis photoisomerization process is observed both in solution and the host-guest film of the azobenzene derivative containing two cyclohexyl groups in the N-substituted sulfonamide moiety. This azobenzene derivative is promising for further studies of the photoinduced mechanic properties like surface relief gratings.
doi:10.2478/v10161-011-0058-4 fatcat:qjjpl7f76rgqfppyu4b2nzi4f4