Morphogenetic analysis of the effects of juvenile hormone analogues and other morphogenetically active substances on embryos of Schistocerca gregaria (Forskål)

V J Novák
1969 Journal of embryology and experimental morphology  
The following substances were tested: Farnesol trans-trans (a British product received from Dr D. B. Carlisle). Farnesol methyl ether (synthesized from the above by Dr D. B. Carlisle in the laboratories of the Anti-Locust Research Centre, London). Dihydrochloromethyl farnesoate (synthesized by Dr J. Romariuk of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague). Queen honey-bee extract (ethanol extract of 200 fertilized queens aged 3-5 years, evaporated in vacuo and dissolved in 96% ethanol).
pmid:5765790 fatcat:q2aqggkjtncb7lv6kte53mcdim