Identification of Peptide Substrates for Human MMP-11 (Stromelysin-3) Using Phage Display

Weijun Pan, Marc Arnone, Marvin Kendall, Robert H. Grafstrom, Steven P. Seitz, Zelda R. Wasserman, Charles F. Albright
2003 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The MMP-11 proteinase, also known as stromelysin-3, probably plays an important role in human cancer because MMP-11 is frequently overexpressed in human tumors and MMP-11 levels affect tumorogenesis in mice. Unlike other MMPs, however, human MMP-11 does not cleave extracellular matrix proteins, such as collagen, laminin, fibronectin, and elastin. To help identify physiologic MMP-11 substrates, a phage display library was used to find peptide substrates for MMP-11. One class of peptides
more » ... g 26 members had the consensus sequence A(A/Q)(N/A)2(L/Y)(T/V/M/R)(R/K), where 2 denotes the cleavage site. This consensus sequence was similar to that for other MMPs, which also cleave peptides containing Ala in position 3, Ala in position 1, and Leu/Tyr in position 1, but differed from most other MMP substrates in that proline was rarely found in position 3 and Asn was frequently found in position 1. A second class of peptides containing four members had the consensus sequence G(G/A)E2LR. Although other MMPs also cleave peptides with these residues, other MMPs prefer proline at position 3 in this sequence. In vitro assays with MMP-11 and representative peptides from both classes yielded modest k cat /K m values relative to values found for other MMPs with their preferred peptide substrates. These reactions also showed that peptides with proline in position 3 were poor substrates for MMP-11. A structural basis for the lower k cat /K m values of human MMP-11, relative to other MMPs, and poor cleavage of position 3 proline substrates by MMP-11 is provided. Taken together, these findings explain why MMP-11 does not cleave most other MMP substrates and predict that MMP-11 has unique substrates that may contribute to human cancer. MMP-11, also known as stromelysin-3, is one of more than 20 matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) 1 (reviewed in Ref.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m304436200 pmid:12738779 fatcat:ibdsvwu6nfatbil6txde3mpn5i