SArF Map: Visualizing Software Architecture from Feature and Layer Viewpoints [article]

Kenichi Kobayashi, Manabu Kamimura, Keisuke Yano, Koki Kato, Akihiko Matsuo
2013 arXiv   pre-print
To facilitate understanding the architecture of a software system, we developed SArF Map technique that visualizes software architecture from feature and layer viewpoints using a city metaphor. SArF Map visualizes implicit software features using our previous study, SArF dependency-based software clustering algorithm. Since features are high-level abstraction units of software, a generated map can be directly used for high-level decision making such as reuse and also for communications between
more » ... evelopers and non-developer stakeholders. In SArF Map, each feature is visualized as a city block, and classes in the feature are laid out as buildings reflecting their software layer. Relevance between features is represented as streets. Dependency links are visualized lucidly. Through open source and industrial case studies, we show that the architecture of the target systems can be easily overviewed and that the quality of their packaging designs can be quickly assessed.
arXiv:1306.0958v1 fatcat:lartlzdvanadpnjttn5omvebde