A study of tensile strength of fractured rock mass by phase field method in DEAL.II with local refinement technique

Dang Hong Lam
2020 The Transport and Communications Science Journal  
Cracking propagation in elastic and porous media is still challenge topics in mechanical, energy, and environmental engineering. In this paper, the phase field method will be used to model the cracking propagation at the small scale for elastic media. This method is doing well in DEAL.II with the help of local refinement technique which allows studying the tensile strength of fractured rock mass behavior without prior knowledge of cracking propagation path and reduction of computational
more » ... mputational consumption. This implementation is applied to model a fractured rock mass in which a plenty of explicit fractures are distributed though total energy released by Griffith's criterion. Through these applications, we demonstrate and highlight the performance of the phase field method with local refinement technique in modeling crack propagation as well as investigate the tensile strength of fractured rock mass dependency its crack orientation
doi:10.47869/tcsj.71.7.1 fatcat:xxhbfiu5vfbizkfi557d7qrjwi