Universe of Discourse and Existence

José Usó-Doménech, Josué Nescolarde-Selva, Hugh Gash
2018 Mathematics  
There is a fairly widespread belief that the problem of existence is not an essential issue for logic. Logic, though formal, must deal with the problem of existence. However, logic should be limited to describing "formal existence" or "existence of a formal system". However, the logical problem of existence and how to treat and resolve this problem differ completely from the corresponding metaphysical problem. It is possible to deduce that formal existence is nothing other than belonging to the
more » ... universe of discourse, so proposing a solution to the logical problem of existence in an epistemological, rather than a metaphysical, context. In this paper, we conclude, from a formal point of view, no universe of discourse is given in advance; any universe of discourse that satisfies the necessary conditions can be used. The extended epistemological belief that there is a universe of discourse defined rigorously, which would be the true and should be "the universe of discourse of logic", cannot be justified.
doi:10.3390/math6110272 fatcat:2b2lf36xtnbl5os7qexpbglswa