Features of Disciplinary Liability of Employees of Prosecution Office

Igor O. Melnichenko
2019 Zenodo  
Comprehensive detailed analysis of employee involvement in disciplinary responsibility was carried out. This work was carried out on the basis of the general procedure under the Labour Code, as well as special form of disciplinary responsibility of the Prosecutor as a special subject of the violation. The work was carried out on the basis of analysis of relevant legal sources, namely: the Constitution of Ukraine, the law of Ukraine "On Prosecutor's Office", on the basis of the Code of labour
more » ... e Code of labour laws of Ukraine, thoughts of scientists and practice, personal understanding of the issue. The composition of the disciplinary offense is investigated, the term of disciplinary misconduct with criticism and understanding of the issue by the legislator and a number of scientists was disclosed, a personal understanding of the term was provided, taking into account all the above-mentioned sources and various scientific approaches. The historical development of the institute of disciplinary responsibility of prosecutors from the beginning of Ukraine's independence until today is traced. It takes into account the painful and problematic issues of bringing prosecutors to disciplinary responsibility, the high level of corruption and low legal understanding of the population's legal awareness. The ethical component of the prosecutor's status was taken into account, the Image and degree of public attitude to prosecutors-violators with appropriate personal critical assessment, different views of relevant specialists and providing the necessary recommendations. In the future it will be impossible to avoid the responsibility by prosecutor who violates the law.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3267213 fatcat:aanwhus5szg7jom6pu4glzjpa4