Vibrations of a geometrically nonlinear viscoelastic shallow shell with concentrated masses

Nikolai Vatin, Rustamkhan Abdikarimov, Dadakhan Khodzhaev, D. Bazarov
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
Shell structures are widely used in various fields of technology and construction. Often, they play the role of a bearing surface with assemblies, overlays, and aggregates installed on them. At the same time, in solving various problems, such attached elements are considered as the elements concentrated at the points and rigidly connected. Vibrations of an orthotropic viscoelastic shallow shell with concentrated masses in a geometrically nonlinear setting are considered. The equation of motion
more » ... or a shallow shell is derived based on the Kirchhoff-Love theory. The traditional Boltzmann-Volterra theory is used to describe the viscoelastic properties of a shallow shell. The effect of concentrated masses is taken into account using the Dirac delta function. Using the polynomial approximation of the deflections of the Bubnov-Galerkin method, the problem is reduced to solving a system of ordinary nonlinear integro-differential equations with variable coefficients. In the calculations, the three-parameter Koltunov-Rzhanitsyn kernel was used as a weakly singular relaxation kernel. A numerical method was used to solve the resulting system that eliminates the singularity in the relaxation kernel. The problem of nonlinear vibrations of an orthotropic viscoelastic shallow shell with concentrated masses is solved. The influence of concentrated masses and location, properties of the shell material, and other parameters on the amplitude-frequency response of the shallow shell vibrations is investigated.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202126402046 fatcat:ewpfx7ktgzaf7hv2bomhf7of6q