Beatrice Vilceanu, Herban Sorin, Oana, Grecea
2015 Procedia Environmental Science, Engineering and Management   unpublished
Inventorying, administering and Cultural Heritage management is a process that involves a multidisciplinary approach, which brings together the textual and graphical data. Not only the geometry, plane or digital model of Cultural Heritage objects represent parameters which must be deducted. All specifications making the object unique architecturally, historical, artistically, scientific and social, are meaningful and must be taken into consideration and inventoried as they are irreplaceable,
more » ... resenting a tremendous source of information and history. Therefore, an efficient management and a sustainable approach to Cultural Heritage is a complex process, comprehensive, sometimes difficult, and can be achieved or achievable using Geographic Information Systems (GIS-Geographical Information System) on one hand, and on the other hand, the use of 3D digital models for these objects is not just a desideratum, but a reality of our time. In this context, the paper aims to realize 3D models of architectural and Cultural Heritage objects based on different technologies starting with close range photogrammetry to terrestrial scanning technology (Laser Scan) with highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, as well as introducing a proposition of using Open Source and Low-Cost platforms for integrating this huge amount of data in Geographical information Systems efficacious in monitoring and management of Cultural Heritage.