Biochemical parameters in evaluation of oligospermia

S Saeed, F A Khan, S B Rahman, D A Khan, M Ahmad
In Pakistan, male infertility constitutes about 35% of all cases of infertility. The dysfunction can be at the level of the central nervous system or somewhere in the male genital tract. A study was conducted to screen cases of male infertility using various biochemical parameters. A total of 81 cases were screened. Oligospermia was seen in 13 (16%) patients. They were divided into severe and mild to moderate oligospermia. In severe oligospermia, there was an increase in serum FSH level with
more » ... m FSH level with decrease in seminal transferrin and carnitine suggesting damage to sertoli cells. In mild to moderate oligospermia, serum FSH were normal with levels a slight decrease in the levels of transferrin and carnitine in semen indicating that sertoli cells were not significantly defective and the dysfunction could be somewhere else.
pmid:8089906 fatcat:roofpqdnlrhvnhr3g7hybi35vm