Development of a hybrid model to quantify the single and double strand breaks following the iron 57 de-excitation

H. Oudira, D. Lotfi, A. Saifi
2017 Pressacademia  
The therapeutic utility of certain Auger emitters such as iodine-125 depends on their position within the cell nucleus. Or diagnostically, and to maintain as low as possible cell damage, it is preferable to have radionuclide localized outside the cell or at least the core. One solution to this problem is to consider markers capable of conveying anticancer drugs to the tumor site regardless of their location within the human body. The objective of this study is to simulate the impact of a
more » ... such as bleomycin on single and double strand breaks in the DNA molecule. Indeed, this simulation consists of the following transactions: Construction of BLM -Fe-DNA complex, simulation of the electron's transport from the metastable state excitation of Fe 57 by the Monte Carlo method, treatment of chemical reactions in the considered environment by the diffusion equation. For physical, physico-chemical and finally chemical steps, the geometry of the complex is considered as a sphere of 50 nm centered on the binding site , and the mathematical method used is called step by step based on Monte Carlo codes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
doi:10.17261/pressacademia.2017.583 fatcat:qknptyh4sjd2xlx6gu4n7eijvq