Polarization resolution of LISA

O Jennrich, M Peterseim, K Danzmann, B F Schutz
1997 Classical and quantum gravity  
LISA is a spaceborne laser interferometer for the detection and observation of gravitational waves, currently under study by ESA. A brief introduction of the main features of this detector, concentrating on its oneyear orbital motion around the Sun is given. The amplitude as well as the phase of a gravitational wave is modulated due to that motion, allowing us to extract information from the signal. The detection of monochromatic gravitational waves based on the well-known signal detection
more » ... y is simulated, focusing on estimating the angular parameters of the source. The results of the semi-analytic calculations give the angular resolution of LISA. 0
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/14/6/022 fatcat:7r6ooop2pzgs3de5lmd7tk6idy