Immunoregulation of cytokines in infectious diseases (leprosy), future strategies

1998 Japanese journal of leprosy  
Leprosy is a dynamic disease model in which distinct Mycobacterium leprae responsive T cell subsets play an important role in host defense and control clinical and immunological spectrum. Thl cells are associated with tuberculoid leprosy patients that have strong M leprac -specific CMI DTH responses. Th2 cells are expressed in lepromatous leprosy patients that are characterized by strong humoral immune responses and lack of T cell responses. Recently cytokines are thought to play
more » ... y role in both the protection and immunopathogenesis of the host. Recombinant cytokines for immunotherapy have been used for controlling mycobacterial infections including lep rosy. The diversity of T-cell subsets contributing to Thl and Th2 cell derived cytokines, other major cytokines of the immune system, their sources, modes of action and possible therapeutic potentials are discussed.
doi:10.5025/hansen.67.263 fatcat:hdmjr2vsy5eudcvpa3i2preh2m