Reduction of Eddy-Current Losses in Fractional-Slot Concentrated-Winding Synchronous PM Motors

Sisuda Chaithongsuk, Noureddine Takorabet, Sangkla Kreuawan
2015 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
This paper focuses on the reduction of eddy-current losses in Fractional slot inset PM motors. The flux paths of the armature reaction is modified based on pulse width modulation technique. Undesirable harmonic contents of the air-gap flux density can be reduced. This improves back EMF waveform quality and reduces the amplitude of eddy currents in the solid rotor and the magnets. Rotor losses are strongly reduced by this technique.
doi:10.1109/tmag.2014.2359057 fatcat:ct4z35u5kfg4vosirjcv7cvekq