Improving the Process of Managing the IT Infrastructure of an Enterprise in the Energy Sector of the Republic of Mordovia

Svetlana V. Bazhanova, Ekaterina V. Uchvatkina
Introduction. The study is of relevance due to the need for rational management of the IT infrastructure by large industry enterprises in order to increase the efficiency of their economic activities. The objective of this paper, based on the results of the study of the activities of enterprises in the energy sales industry, is to consider the ways of increasing the efficiency of management of the IT infrastructure of a company through the introduction of domestic software. Materials and
more » ... aterials and Methods. The study used materials of scientific publications and the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) methodology to describe the IT infrastructure of an enterprise. The principles of systemic and integrated approaches, general scientific methods and techniques were applied. The analytic hierarchy process was used in order to perform a comparative analysis of domestic automated information systems. Results. Based on the analysis of the activities of the Watt company, a regional monopolist in the energy sales industry of the Republic of Mordovia, shortcomings in the automation of supporting business processes of large companies have been revealed. The reasons for the low efficiency of the management processes of the IT infrastructure of an enterprise have been considered. The solution to the problems identified through the domestic software has been substantiated. A comparative analysis of a number of Russian automated information Service Desk systems has been carried out. Discussion and Conclusion. The necessity of improving such a supporting process as that of managing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise has been substantiated. The results obtained can be used in the practice of large companies in the reengineering and modernization of the main and supporting business processes. The results of the comparative analysis of Russian automated information Service Desk systems can be taken into account when deciding on the use of domestic software.
doi:10.15507/2413-1407.111.028.202002.239-260 fatcat:ou2zmd7qmregpbetn2absxrsqy