Cultural Values that Impact Blended Learning Acceptance and Effectiveness

Mohammed alsaif
2021 International Journal of Instructional Technology and Educational Studies  
Flexibility in terms of time, cost reduction, and learning outcome enhancement has been considered to be one of the main benefits of blended learning; meanwhile, for sophisticated technology, support resources for course redesign, as well as learner responsibility, are generally regarded as the main challenges facing blended learning implementation. With this in mind, this study highlights the cultural values that directly impact blended learning acceptance and effectiveness; it intends to
more » ... ate the existing literature using a systemic review. In summary, the study found that those within a culture of high collectivism, power distance, short-term orientation, and uncertainty avoidance, tend to favour the traditional classroom and structured learning. Hence, such individuals may struggle to adopt the blended learning system, as this requires an independent, active, and self-directed learner. .
doi:10.21608/ihites.2021.88651.1046 fatcat:goqdwxih6fgann4wjfkhmurrju